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Published: 7 years ago

Life as a Co-Op

Hi! I’m Karen, an aspiring web/interactive designer and current student at Northeastern University. For the past eight months, I’ve been working as a design co-op for WGBH Digital, the department committed to producing educational websites, games, apps, and other digital media.


Digital’s open, cubicle-free workspace facilitates a collaborative environment. I’ve been able to work with people who bring completely different skill sets to the table: developers, producers, content editors, and project managers. The office’s windows are lined with Arthur and Curious George memorabilia, and half of the walls are actually dry-erase whiteboards. There’s even a candy cauldron for when you need a sugary pick-me-up. Overall, it has been a pretty ideal work environment for a creative mind.


As a co-op, I’ve been able to dabble in the entire spectrum of WGBH Digital projects, from kids’ content to general audience work. One day I’d be creating backgrounds for Plum Landing’s Mountain Scramble game, and the next day I’d be processing social media images for Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey. Each task contains an element of design, and I’ve been trusted with upholding the standards of internationally recognized brands. Seeing designs and images I’ve created on popular websites, such as Antiques Roadshow, is a surreal feeling that will probably never fade.


As my co-op experience comes to an end, I will leave here with a number of pieces for my professional portfolio. More importantly, I will leave as a stronger designer. Not only have I gained tremendous knowledge in my field of web and interactive design, but I’ve also been exposed to game design, animation, social media branding, and user testing. To sum it up, WGBH Digital has provided me with a smorgasbord of valuable skills and experiences. This has been a great co-op and I hope to be back soon!

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