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Published: 7 years ago

We’re Hiring: Director of Technology

The WGBH Digital team serves as the Foundation’s research, development and production team. We work closely with many groups throughout the WGBH Educational Foundation, including our national productions, education team and children’s production unit to develop digital strategies and produce a multitude of media-rich products including web sites, responsive sites, games, apps, videos and more.

Providing technical strategy and guidance for more than 20 active projects, and informing the proposals, estimates and planning for future projects. Working closely with the Directors of Product and Design to inform the shape our digital products take.
Managing a team of 18 developers, creating a work environment that promotes professional growth to raise the bar of quality and speed of our production. Ensuring that the developers have the support and resources they need to meet the expectations of their positions while enjoying their work. Bridging gaps between technical and non-technical colleagues.
Participating in business development and the establishment of strategic partnerships. Report directly to the Vice President of Broadband & Interactive Media.


• To maintain a team of informed and invigorated engineers, and to help direct the workflow between engineers and collaborators across disciplines.
• To support the producer and product teams as they generate proposals and projects, evaluating and mitigating risk in decisions around technical implementations.
• To stay informed on current trends and best practices in the industry, and to effectively forecast the direction of the industry or of particular technologies.
• To help steer the technical direction and strategy of Digital in a way that supports a healthy engineering team, is sensitive to business and financial needs, while staying in line with the goals and mission of WGBH.
• To ensure that strong communication exists regarding technical concerns between Digital and PBS, and to maintain an understanding of existing infrastructures and dependencies of Digital and PBS products.
• Must have strong technical background, people management skills, and ability to communicate effectively across disciplines.

Desired Skills:

• Experience with navigating workflows between front-end developers and designers (either direct or as a manager)
• Strong understanding of considerations and strategies regarding performance – both actual and perceived
• Experience building responsive sites
• Strong CSS skills, familiarity with SASS preferred
• Aware of current MV* frameworks, understanding appropriate uses and possible risks of such frameworks (angular, react, backbone, etc)
• Aware of current trends in front-end tooling (grunt/gulp/browserfy/etc)
• Familiarity with concerns and tactics with regards to accessibility
• Experience with navigating workflows between front-end developers and back-end developers (either direct or as a manager)
• Experience with web application frameworks, Python/Django preferred
• Understanding of ORM frameworks – purpose, usage and pitfalls
• Familiarity with considerations regarding API design highly valuable
• Awareness of possible approaches to cross-platform native app development
• Understanding of issues unique to mobile web apps with regards to performance for interactive experiences.

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