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Published: 5 years ago

Museum of African American History exhibit page

The digital team recently launched a homepage redesign for the Museum of African American History. The homepage showcases the new Frederick Douglas exhibit and other upcoming events along with serving as a portal into the rest of their content.

The Museum of African American History is seeking funding for a larger redesign of the entire site. The work WGBH accomplished for MAAH created a style guide and direction for the redesign to follow.

Working with Digital Services

Jim Bodor, Director of Product for the WGBH digital team, says “we welcome work from outside clients, particularly those in the non-profit space. Being a non-profit ourselves, we can often bring a unique perspective to their needs and particular issues. We like to consult with non-profits not just on what their digital work should look like, but how it effects their entire business model.” You can contact Jim at to find out more about working with our department.

Code Snippets

A few pieces developed for MAAH are available on Codepen

Providing access to rich site content while focusing on the highlighted content of the newly designed homepage was a challenge. Our solution is a navigation into the deeper site content that aims to be unobtrusive yet always available in all viewports and devices. On desktop, the navigation is fixed but reacts to the user’s scroll, closing or becoming a relatively positioned element when appropriate. The mobile navigation functions similarly.

A slideshow with animation effects was incorporated to highlight latest news. The slight zoom was a subtle way of engaging the user before the slide changes to the next news item. We were able to incorporate the effect into the Owl Carousel we chose for the the page.

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