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Published: 5 years ago

Arthur’s Top 20

Our weekly recap of cool stuff happening in the digital team

Posted on Mondays because Fridays get all the glory.
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Arthur’s Top 20


Arthur’s Top 20 celebrates 20 years of ARTHUR being on the air. This collection of minigames reaches deep into the vaults of ARTHUR lore. Henry Skreever books! The lucky pencil! Thelma the singing bass! Not to mention, Yamlet! (Ah, we knew you well…) These and many other classic items are featured in a variety of simple-yet-challenging games to test a player’s reflexes, logic — and nostalgia.

New(ish) Tech

VR Research

There are several of our projects for which we are considering using virtual reality. One case is to have immersive 360 degree video playing on a device headset such as the Google cardboard. Another case is to teach map skills by guiding someone through a VR world using a map view (as might be seen by a drone overhead).

drone-ground-lake drone-iso

More VR/AR resources

Cool Internet Things

Some stuff we think is cool

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