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Published: 5 years ago

Adventures in HTML 5 Sound: A Developer’s Journey

by Bharat Battu, @bharat_battu (Too much? Here’s the TL;DR summary) Updated 5/7/2014: Loading Time Tests DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert in web audio by any means. My findings and insights below are based purely from my own experiences in dealing with sound in my …

Published: 5 years ago

Making a Game Fast? Don’t Skimp on User Testing and the Iterative Process

Pumpkin Boo! is a top-down adventure-style web game we created for Curious George. Over the course of our approximately seven-week production period (Sept. and Oct. 2013), I (Bharat Battu) was the game’s developer, Fran Dias and Dan Nolan were its designers, Laura Nooney and …